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Recruitment Diversity Policy

At principle, we adhere to a recruitment diversity policy when sourcing and selecting candidates to ensure we are engaging with and including as many diverse groups of people as possible when we present a shortlist to our clients. We truly believe that a diverse and inclusive workforce greatly benefits both employees and organisations.


  • We advertise our roles Locally, nationally in Ireland and Globally to ensure our job posts reach as many different countries and nationalities as possible. We also use a number of different platforms some of which are favoured by particular age groups again to ensure all ages of candidates are communicated with.

  • We are members of a women’s only network which allows us to engage with female-only talent ensuring they are well represented if they are suited to a particular role.

  • We look at both active and passive candidates – therefore including those who are unemployed and those who are in employment within our search projects.

  • We have also partnered with several colleges and universities and promote our roles to their students as they are often from quite diverse backgrounds.

  • Looking outside our network – we don’t just rely on our network to identify talent we actively encourage our employees who come from diverse backgrounds to promote our opportunities to their personal networks.

​We work to ensure that we don’t contravene any of the grounds outlined in the equality legislation:

  • Gender: We do not discriminate and ensure that we have source from each gender

  • Civil status: We do not discriminate and ensure in so far as possible that we work with candidates of each civil status

  • Family status: Again, we do not discriminate

  • Sexual orientation: We put forward candidates of all sexual orientations

  • Religion: We again work with and put forward candidates of each religion and none

  • Age: We do not discriminate on the grounds of age

  • Disability: We work with candidates with a disability

  • Race: We work with candidates of every race

  • Membership of the Traveller community: We don’t discriminate against those who are members of the travelling community

​Principle also adheres to any diversity policy that is in place in our client companies.


  • When it comes to shortlisting candidates we not only look and consider candidates who meet the skills requirement, but also consider education and personal characteristics. If we feel the candidate’s personal characteristics would help the company reach its goals but may not have the education or all of the skills, we will also select them.


  • Each quarter Principle review all shortlisted and placed workers (Permanent hires, Contingent Workers and Contractors). We look at all areas of diversity and strive to ensure we have selected and placed a mixed pool of candidates; we focus on areas we may have a shortfall of candidates within and set measurable quotas to help us improve.

​B​y adhering to the above we are able to source and select a very mixed pool of candidates for our clients.

​All recruiters within Principle are trained in all areas of discrimination – they value and are actively encouraged to demonstrate diversity with sourcing and selecting candidates and removing any bias from the process.