​How to Stand Out When Applying for Technology, Commercial and Financial Roles

Posted on 13 September 2023

​How to Stand Out When Applying for Technology, Commercial and Financial Roles

Applying for a job can be a worrying experience. With competition for top roles increasing, looking for ways to stand out from other candidates and make a lasting impression is essential. With this blog post, we will look at various strategies you can adopt if you are making an application in the technology, commercial or financial sectors. At the end of the post, we provide several resources to help you further.

  • Introduction

Recruitment is a process used by employers to hire suitable candidates for their job vacancies. It typically involves various stages, such as job applications, interviews, and assessments.

The technology, commercial and financial sectors are some of the most competitive in recruitment - with many job roles being held by experienced candidates. However, it is still possible to apply and succeed in these sectors, and this post will provide helpful tips to achieve that.

This blog post aims to help applicants looking to make a successful job application in the technology, commercial and financial sectors. We will look at strategies to stand out in the recruitment process, effective presentation before an interview, and follow-up techniques to maintain contact with employers.

  • Strategies to Stand Out in the Recruitment Process

One of the best ways to stand out in the recruitment process is to have a tailored CV tailored to the job role. It should focus on relevant work experience and qualifications. It is also helpful to highlight your achievements as this gives employers a better understanding of your capabilities.

Showcasing enthusiasm and professionalism during the application process is also essential. You can do this by ensuring your CV is neat and clearly laid out, as this demonstrates your organisational skills and attention to detail - all vital traits for any role in these sectors.

Another way to be noticed as a job applicant is to demonstrate confidence in your abilities. You can do this during the application process and in any interviews. Employers are looking for self-assured and positive candidates about their skills and experience - to demonstrate prospective roles with a level of comfort.

  • Presentation

Presentation is an essential factor in the recruitment process. When attending an interview, it ism important to dress for success. Consider what an employer would expect from prospective employees and dress appropriately.

Arriving early is also crucial to make a great impression. It demonstrates commitment and punctuality, so allow extra time for unfamiliar routes or traffic delays.

During the interview, it is essential to be articulate and poised. Knowing the job role in detail before attending an interview is vital to making a great impression and preparing meaningful answers. Make sure to give concrete examples of how you have tackled problems or detailed projects you have been involved in.

  • Follow-up

After an interview, send a thank you note to the employer expressing your thanks for the opportunity. Even if you are unsuccessful, it is polite to follow up – as it signals to employers that you are eager about the job role.

Keeping in contact with the employer is also beneficial, and it is a great way to keep the company updated on your progress and any new qualifications or interests you have picked up. This could be the difference between being invited for a second interview.

  • Conclusion

This blog has outlined various strategies to help job applicants stand out in the recruitment process for technology, commercial and financial roles. These strategies include having a tailored CV, highlighting relevant experience, demonstrating enthusiasm and professionalism, dressing for success, arriving early, being articulate and poised, sending a thank you note and remaining in contact with the employer.

To learn more about how to make a successful application and stand out in the recruitment process for technology, commercial and financial roles, visit our website www.principlehr.com and follow our company page on LinkedIn.

Peter Barry​

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