Pathway to Success

Posted on 26 April 2023

Pathway to Success

Our pathway to success isn’t always easy. With the Oscars just behind us, we in @principlehr are beyond proud to see 14 Irish nominees listed for this year. We are particularly proud of Barry Keoghan, and with the sentiment of success isn’t always easy, we are going to share with you a story of true grit and determination, which we have to say, we see every day from our candidates and applicants.

Keoghan grew up in Summerhill in Inner city Dublin. For our #USClients and #InternationalClients to give you context, the area is underfunded, with few amenities, but if you came from here, you were part of a tribe of people who grafted, who did what it takes to succeed through adversity and that is exactly what Keoghan did.

His Mum passed away from a drug overdose when he was very young and he was moved form 14 different foster homes from the age of 5 to 12, often describing his experience as “Every family was good to us. As a kid, you don’t know what’s happening; you get attached and then boom – let's move over here”……nothing could be truer of the current marketplace for our #Clients and #Candidates that we are seeing coming to the market today after the rounds of redundancies and layoffs that have happened in recent days and weeks.

Keoghan’s life settled down when he moved in with his grandmother and he discovered his passion for acting after getting cast in a play while attending O’Connell School on North Richmond Street in Dublin. That was it, the seed was planted, and he knew the trajectory he was going on. Look at him now, Oscar nominee and new-born son to boot.

The point we are making is that, YES, the market is challenging now, YES a lot of doors are closing with heavily over publicised redundancies and layoffs. But while the door is closing, the windows are still open. Hop in through the window like Keoghan did, muster up your grit and harness your determination. Brighter days are coming again and while there may not be too many permanent positions out there, in @principlehr have amazing 11 months, 12 months and 24 months contract roles that will enable you to broaden your skill, dip your toe into a new sector and you never know it may turn into a permanent position. We see it happening every day and it is the best part of our day is watching candidates succeed and our clients elated with a brilliant #newhire.

Don’t be a stranger, DM me us, we will respond to you. If we can help you, we absolutely will, and if one consultant cant, we have a team of incredible passionate, people centric consultants (Insert our profiles and an area we cover here) who will be able to help you in your next career move. The pathway to success isn’t always easy, but we know that we are here to help smooth out the pathway in any way we can.

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