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Psychometric testing  

With a personality profile, knowing a candidates personality and behavioural tendencies helps with selection and ultimate sucess of any hire.

At Principle we are qualified to administer tests and provide feedback on a report basis. We are BPS (British Psychological Society) approved and hold level A and B certificates in Psychological Testing.

At Principle we advise clients on the most appropriate tests to undertake for a particular role. We also ensure that all tests are reliable and valid.  We have facilities to test a number of candidates at one time, on an individual basis or online . Testing can also be conducted at client sites if required.

Reasons for utilising psychometric tests:

1) Competitive Advantage

Personality profiling can identify candidates whose personality most suits your organisation culture. Testing can help identify to a greater degree and with greater certainty the most suitable candidates.

2) Greater success in identifying softer skills (people skills)

Employees not only need the ability and skills to carry out a role, but also to be able to lead and build teams (when necessary). Through personality profiles we can understand to a greater extent the softer side and preferred working style of potential employees.

3) Reduce risk of litigation

Testing is not only reliable and valid but also avoids discrimination against applicants.  More organisations in an attempt to reduce their risk of litigation are using "fair testing" as part of their selection process.

To discuss the most suitable and appropriate tests for your organisation contact Principle at or call 01 676 7166. 

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