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Work Principle

Investment Fund

  • Challenge: To set-up an investment fund company in Ireland 
  • Mandate: Exclusively retained to identify and attract the senior executive team, technologists, engineering and support staff. These roles required a very specific skill set and competencies were not readily available in Ireland
  • Solution:  Required international executive search and local market sweep, also using our Video Interview Platform. Successfully completed client mandate

Software Retailer

  • Challenge: Transition of EMEA support centre from Germany to Dublin and build out of team
  • Mandate: Retained to locally source head of operations, ERP technical support team, developers, multilingual support and buyers
  • Solution: Principle provided a shortlist of 3-4 pre-screened candidates for each role, managed the complete interview process engaging with hiring managers in the US and Germany. The entire mandate was completed with fifteen successful hires within six weeks 

Social Network Website

  • Challenge: Partner with managed service provider in providing agency workers
  • Mandate: To facilitate high volume recruitment of a flexible workforce
  • Solution:  Principle provides a shortlist of 3 pre-qualified candidates for each role and for successful candidates we undertake criminal background and employment verification checks.  We then manage employee payroll and HR requirements. Due to our high success rate we are now tasked to lead the top tier recruitment for difficult and specialised roles

Media Management Company

  • Challenge: Attract and retain key employees in a very competitive digital market for a leading global media company
  • Mandate: Exclusively retained to recruit for all positions ensuring cultural fit and the highest levels of aptitude
  • Solution:  Personsality profiling undertaken for senior roles and skills assessments for other staff prior to client interview. Successfully placed multiple positions 

Business Process Outsourcing Company

  • Challenge: Continuously meet business demands due to increasing number of financial services clients
  • Mandate: To source suitable candidates who fit with the culture required for an outsourced service company
  • Solution: Gain in depth understanding of each business operation, to better match the best individuals for each role. Principle has successfully placed management and support staff for various operational entities 

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