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Learn to Adapt

Humans are better equipped than any other species to adapt to new environments. We have settled in new habitats unlike any other and are better adapted than most.

With a rich repertoire of social learning; we observe, retain, adapt and feel motivated to find opportunities in change. You can see this happening throughout communities and businesses as we find new creative ways to do business, socialise and support those who are vulnerable.

Stay Connected  

Studies have proven that staying socially connected improves physical health and psychological wellbeing. People who feel more connected to others have lower rates of anxiety and depression. Now more than ever it is essential to help teams combat these stressful feelings.  

We may need to continue physical distancing for some time but fortunately, we are blessed with technology in 2020 which makes staying socially connected with people easy, at just a click of a button! Here are a few fun and easy ways to lift spirits and stay connected with your teammates! 

Recreate Morning Coffee Breaks

Set up a video chat room for workers to join in the morning for a chat over coffee. Jumping into these coffee breaks can help you mentally kick start your day. It can be a nice ritual if you are someone who gets energised by human connection.

Team Yoga Sessions

Help each other stay relaxed and healthy through virtual yoga. Some workers are certified yoga instructors and are willing to offer colleagues classes to balance mental and physical wellness during stressful times. 

Many associations are hosting free virtual yoga classes. The team at Principle joined a class hosted by the NRF and we were amazed at how the relaxing energy was created through an online portal, A  great way to share Friday lunch with your team.

Themed Weekly Updates

Inject some levity into your week and start a weekly update with your colleagues by keeping company culture human through personal updates. 

Share Ideas and Grow Together

Did you know that Starbucks used to sell espresso machines and coffee beans and Nintendo produced playing cards, vacuum cleaners, instant rice, a taxi company, and even a short-stay hotel chain before becoming a force in gaming.

While countless businesses have been forced to close their doors as a result of the pandemic, many have diversified and found creative ways to be of service. Some have simply closed their doors, while others have pivoted, adapted, and taken a more innovative approach to do business in highly dynamic times.

Share ideas    

An integral part of teamwork is sharing professional opinions with colleagues. The biggest benefit is discussing different views that can encourage brainstorming, leading to new business initiatives, project planning, and engenders new ideas.

Get Feedback

Feedback is one of the most powerful influences on learning and achievement. Successful people and businesses consistently seek feedback on how they can build their profile, grow their business and improve their products. 

Principle is still open for business - albeit remotely. While we may not have a job opportunity for everyone right now, we are happy to engage, give advice, and help in any way we can. Some of our clients are still hiring remotely and finding new ways to onboard their new starts. Keep safe everyone!

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