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Always getting the interview but never getting the job?


Are you having trouble moving from interviewee to employee? We have all been there at some point in our lives - getting numerous interviews but no offers after months using all your spare time researching, attending interviews and tweaking your CV for each application. This can be a demotivating task!

Sometimes, of course, it’s not our fault. Many business changes can go against you: Hiring budgets can change; team structure can be revised; the economy might take a turn, or your industry could undergo big changes that make it harder to get hired.

But sometimes, of course, the issue is with us — our interviewing skills may be rusty, or our pre-interview prep could use some work. The good news is that if we are the problem, we have the control and ability to find the solution. Remember we learn way more from failing than we do from succeeding!

If you are struggling with getting job offers after many many interviews it might be worth reflecting on your interview technique - ask yourself this:

Are you underestimating you’re value and achievements?

Are you glazing over achievements just so you don’t come across arrogant? Are you even mentioning those accomplishments? Think about your behavior in previous interviews, and if you find that you’ve been selling your skills short, this needs to change. The way you deliver information is key! Always use the STAR technique when answering questions. Focus on the results you have achieved and how they have added value to your team and company.

Have you done your research on the company?

Yes, the old saying comes into play here “fail to prepare and prepare to fail”

Did you know that Ireland is now one of the most educated nations in Europe? What does this mean for you….. To be in with a chance of excelling above the rest you will need to:

  1. Know about the company! Online has all the information you need
  1. Study the Job Description! Know the role inside and out - and understanding of the role requirements will display your confidence and ability to do the job
  1. Show Your Passion for the company and role. Yes, this can be hard to showcase as some roles are just a stepping stone but a bit of research on the company will give you an edge on other candidates.

Are you dressed to impress for this role?

These days very few people wear suits to work, thankfully! However, this can make dressing for an interviewing challenging! 

Just because you see guys in flip-flops in the lobby, that doesn’t mean that you can wear your beach clothes to a job interview. Dress to impress - always put your best self forward! Business casual is usually the most effective.

And lastly Body Language. I cannot stress this enough - your body language accounts for 60% of what you are saying, aim for good posture, no fidgeting, just the right amount of eye contact and keep smiling :)

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