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Being an expat in Ireland I myself have found it very difficult to get my head around various visas/work permit that will allow you to work in Ireland with or without restrictions. I have been quite often asked about the same by my friends and other networks. So I thought maybe a write up on it might help a few of those. So here you go.

There are various stamp holders and work permit holders in Ireland and I am focusing on a few of those.

Stamp 2- Student Visa- You are allowed to work 20 hours a week and 40 hours during your holidays

Stamp 1G- It is issued for students who have passed their Third Level Graduate Programme from recognised Irish awarding body.

  1. Graduates with an award at Level 9 or above will be granted permission for twenty-four months to a maximum of eight years’ student permission overall. During these 2 years of time, you can work full-time (max 40 hours per week) to any employer without any sponsorship or work permits.
  2. Graduates with an award at Level 8 will be granted twelve-month permission to a maximum of seven years' student permission overall. Again during this period, you can work full-time (max 40 hours per week) to any employer without any sponsorship or work permits.
  3. Recently, Stamp 1G is also provided for the change in policy to both visa and non-visa required non-EEA nationals, who are Spouses and de facto partners of persons who are currently resident in Ireland, on Stamp 3 conditions, as the family member of a person resident in the country on the basis of a Critical Skills Employment Permit (CSEP) or a Researcher on a Hosting Agreement. This is not applicable for the spouses of those who are on General Work Permit, they still need sponsorship from the employers if they have to be employed.

Stamp 3- You cannot work or engage in any business, under these categories you are permitted to stay in Ireland based on specific conditions like to join your family, etc.

Stamp 4- As you might all know, anyone who is on Stamp 4 are able to work to any employers without any work permits or sponsorships. Also, they can establish or operate any business independently. The next question is how and who would get Stamp 4

  1. If you hold a valid Critical Skills employment permit for 2 years you are eligible for Stamp 4
  2. If you have a valid employment permit (General) for 5 years
  3. If you are a researcher with a hosting agreement for 2 years
  4. You would also get Stamp 4 if you are joining your Irish spouse, civil partner or de-facto partner or your EU/EEA or Swiss family member as per EU rights
  5. If you are joining your family member who has immigration permission based on Stamp 4EUFAM
  6. You would get Stamp 4 if you are joining any of your family member who is recognised refugee or has been granted subsidiary protection
  7. If your child is an Irish Citizen you are allowed to remain with the Child and there are few more categories which might fall into this

Stamp 6- You are free to work as this stamp indicates you are an Irish Citizen with a Dual Citizenship

I hope this information helps some of you. Cheers

Sowmya Rajendra
Careers at Principle