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Contingent Workforce Market in Ireland

What Is A Contingent Worker

The term “Contingent Worker” is fast becoming a popular buzz word amongst companies and future employees – but what is the “Contingent Workforce.”

It can refer to a Temp, Contractor or Consultant who is not on the company’s payroll and can range from a highly skilled worker to entry level. Generally hired for a specific project need – the majority of whom will be employed through a recruitment agency. The Contingent workforce is part of the wider gig economy and has exploded in Ireland and the US over the past few years.

There is a general misconception that contingent workers or temporary workers are low paid and low skilled. The reality is many companies as they expand, take on new projects, enter into new markets need a specific skill set for a certain duration, these types of workers are generally highly skilled in their field and can command high rates.

Today about 45% of workers in Ireland fall into this cohort and there is a growing trend amongst this wave with likely growth of 10-15%

An MSP – Managed Services Provider will generally manage an organisation's contingent workforce programme.


Benefits to Employer:

  • Flexible workforce, companies can scale up and down quickly
  • Reduced Costs, often due to streamlined processes but also through a reduction in the cost of hiring, payroll, and management of employees.
  • Fixed Expenses


Benefits to Worker:

  • Allows workers to pick and choose contracts and companies of interest
  • Allows workers flexibility if they plan on travelling, moving away from a country in the future
  • The interview process is typically much shorter than interviewing for a perm role
  • Often there is an opportunity for your contract to become permanent



Principle is delighted to be announced as one of PRO’s Global Award Winners for service in 2018. A big thank you to PRO for the recognition of our work in the recruitment and management of onsite contingent workers.

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Audrey Hughes
Careers at Principle