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This code is designed to provide all employees of Principle with guidelines for appropriate professional conduct and ethics. As a member of the National Recruitment Federation Ireland, we comply with the Federation’s best-practice standards. We have signed up to the Federations Code of Conduct specific to the recruitment industry.

Confidential Information

Principle will only share information for the purpose you provided it to us, as part of the job application process and according to applicable laws. 

Business Relationships and Activities

Candidate & client relationships; We recognise that the relationships we have with our candidates & clients are essential to the success of our business and theirs and must be based on trust and honesty.  

Conflicts of interest; We will not allow any external interests or the receipt of benefits from third parties to influence our behaviour and decisions. We will never use our position for personal gain.

Bribery, gifts and entertainment; We will not engage in any form of bribery or corruption in any aspect of our business or external Relationships.

IT Security; We will use the Company’s IT systems properly and responsibly, never for personal benefit or by accessing sites that are generally regarded as offensive, unacceptable or illegal

Compliance with Laws, Rules, and Regulations

Principle’s commitment to integrity begins with complying with laws, rules and regulations where we do business. We comply with all laws and regulations that apply to us.  

Political and Civic Activities

We have no political affiliations, and we do not make political donations. You can be politically active in your own time, as long as this is kept separate from your work duties and you make clear that views expressed are your own.

Books and Records

We create, retain and dispose of our company records as part of our normal course of business in compliance with all Principle’s policies and guidelines, as well as all regulatory and legal requirements.


Principle strives to ensure that all employees are treated with dignity and respect.

Health and safety

We have a personal and collective responsibility to maintain a healthy and secure workplace and to promote and follow safe working practices.

Environmental Concerns

We will promote sustainable practices and comply with all applicable laws and regulations concerning the environment.

Respect for Diversity 

We promote and encourage diversity in recruitment [diversity policy].

Compliance with this Code

Each of us is responsible for knowing and adhering to the values and standards outlined in this Code and raising questions if we are uncertain about company policy. If we are concerned about whether the standards are being met or are aware of violations of the Code, we must contact one of the directors.

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